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You've just had an amazing sales conversation.  The person on the other end of the phone is your ideal client.  You know that if they work with you they will reach their goals.  So, you ask,  “would you like to work together?” — and the answer is… ” I need to think about it”.  Ugghh!!!  It feels like someone just let all the air out of your balloon.  Another perfect prospect down the drain. You know, it doesn't HAVE to go like that.

Imagine having less “I need to think about it conversations” and more enrollments!

Nothing is more of an emotional roller coaster than a sales conversation that doesn't end with a sale.  You've focused your energy and intention on the person on the other end of the line – you build up their hopes and yours.  You just know they are ready for you – and then they put you in “I need to think about it” limbo. KABOOM!  Not only has the energy seeped from the call, but you are also in limbo…

“To have a successful business you need to help your prospects make decisions”

Here are the three main reasons your prospects are “thinking” and not “buying” (and how to move them past that point).

1.  You solved their problem on the sales call.  This is the classic “rookie” mistake.  You get so excited about talking with your prospect that you go ahead and fix them up right then on the call.  They are probably grateful for the help — but they don't need to hire you because you've solved the problem.

Solution:  Always leave them with ANOTHER problem to solve –  “Now that I've shown you how to raise your rates, we need to work together to get better qualified clients into your sales funnel.

2.  You haven't gotten to the REAL why.  It is really easy to focus on tactics on a strategy call.

Solution: Instead of solving the problem, you want to dig a little deeper into WHY they want to solve the problem.  What pain will they continue to have if they don't work with you to get it done?   All sales are emotional.  Dig in a bit so that you can really help.

3. They are not convinced that you are person to solve their problem.  First off, let me say that sales calls are a lot like dating – not everyone is going to be your Prince Charming. A great closing rate is 10 -20%.  So, the fit just might not be there.

Solution (if they ARE a good fit:  Weave stories of how you have worked with other clients into your answers.  This will help position you as an expert in their eyes.

BONUS TIP:  Complete the sale on the call if you can.  Remember sales don't count until the money is in the bank.  A good script to use.  “OK, to get this started, I need your credit card number for a deposit…”

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