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So, what is market segmentation?  Market segmentation is the “business school” word for customizing your marketing messages (e-mails, social media, even web pages) to different part (or segments) of your audience.  One size does not fit all especially when it comes to communicating with your tribe.

Recently, I revamped my website to help reach my three different audiences – people who want to learn how to quickly find clients using social media, people who want to become social media professionals and finally people who want coaching on their overall business strategy.

How I use market segmentation on the decisive minds website

Each one of these boxes leads to an opportunity to opt in for a different report.  Each report is followed up by a different informational e-mail series (if you want to test this out for yourself, go to my home page and sign up for one (or all three) of the reports.

I decided to do this so I could give you custom information based on your needs.  For example, most people considering social media as a career don't need very basic information on why Twitter is good for brick and mortar businesses.

I also segment my audience by the products they have purchased.   For example, I sent my customers an e-mail with a very significant discount tonight (if you want to find out what the discount was … e-mail my team and they'll fill you in on the details.

I'm also starting to segment my audience by where they live.  My basic opt-in only asks for e-mail and name — but once you opt in, you get a chance to get my CD on decision making mailed to you.  (If you want the CD – click one of the three boxes on the home page and you'll get the information on having the CD sent to you).

Easy Ways to Get Started with Market Segmentation

Infusionsoft makes market segmentation very easy. But, here are some ways that you can segment your market using any e-mail service.

1. Create different opt-in pages for different segments of your audience.  For example if you are a wellness coach that also helps with marketing – have one opt in for free health tips and other for marketing tips for health coaches.

2. Create as many different lists as possible in your e-mail program – Every time you have a teleseminar, event or create a new list.  That way, you'll be able to segment more easily.

3.  Sell or give away a physical product.  Kunaki does a good job for audio and is not very expensive.  Vervante is very good for printed e-books (or books that come with audio).  When you ship the product, you'll get an address so that you'll be able to send e-mails that are targeted by where people live.

4. Offer freebies to your audience on diverse topics in your blog  and facebook posts. For example, if you had a mailing list on knitting, you might offer an opt-in for patterns in one post — and instructions for getting started with knitting in another post.

How are you using market segmentation in your business?  Stop by my facebook page and share what you are doing.  I'll keep you informed about the results of my market segmentation efforts.