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Screenshot 2014-01-31 06.31.01Do you suffer from “analysis” paralysis?  Every time you are faced with a decision do you spend hours researching, ask everyone you know and then finally NOT actually make a decision.   In the first few years of anything  business, parenting, losing weight), every decision seems monumental.  I look back and remember when my college aged children were babes, I fretted over what food they ate, what toys they played with, what books they read.  As they grew older, realized that kids are hardy, they'll pretty much bloom if given adequate (not perfect – good enough) care.   Fretting too much over your children (or your business decisions) is actually not a good thing

For your business to thrive, you need to learn to make decisions.  I am good at decision making.  I always have been.  And, I have a process that I go through to make the right choice most of the time.  What to hear it?  Here goes.

Step One: Gather Information
Before you make any decision, you need to get the information you need to decide. In the case of choosing a seat on my Southwest flight – I needed to know whether the flight was full or not so I could decide whether to take a seat where I might be stuck in the middle — or take a seat on the aisle. The best strategy depended on how many people would eventually get on the plane. So, I asked the stewardess — she said the plane would be pretty full. In your business, this fact finding stage can take days (or weeks) or just minutes… The key here is to gather the information and then move on to the next step…
Step Two: Interpret the Facts Now that you have the facts you need – it is time to interpret them so you can make your decision. In the case of the airline seat, the interpretation was easy – I couldn’t count on having the seat next to me empty – so I chose my seat accordingly. The pitfall with business decisions is that sometimes we let our decision making be clouded by doubt and fear. Don’t let those emotions in. Make your decision based on the facts as you see them.
Step Three: Look at the Opportunity/Options and Decide. You’ve looked at the options – now it is time to stretch your imagination and see what choices you really have. Now is the time to make a decision. If you’ve done steps 1 and 2 – you should know the right choice. Make it and start implementing.

On my free call on Friday, August 22, I'm going to go into more detail on how to make the right choices and how to finally get unstuck in your business. You can sign up at http://takeactiongetprofits.com/secret