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marketing ideas for small businessAnyone who runs a small business knows how important it is to keep costs under control, yet still market their business effectively. Therefore, they will always be on the lookout for no-cost or low-cost marketing ideas for small business.

Online Marketing Ideas for Small Business

There are many free or low-cost methods for marketing most small businesses. Online, it’s all about the niche, that is, the topic. The most successful small online companies don’t try to be a department store like Amazon. They focus on one topic or niche, such as pets or golf, and present content, offers, products and services based on that niche.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Your Website or Blog

Your most important low-cost marketing tool is your website or blog. It will cost an annual fee for the URL and about $10 per month for hosting. Use your site as the hub for all your marketing activities. Drive people back to your website to read blog posts or watch videos. You can't just put up a site and expect it to be a marketing powerhouse.


Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing ideas for small business to build a relationship with people interested in your niche. MailChimp is free for the first 2,500 people on your list and has paid tiers thereafter.  Constant Contact has become an industry standard for online marketers due to its professional-looking template and useful features. It costs about $20 per month.


Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC marketing through search engines like Google and Bing can drive a lot of traffic to your site quickly. As the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks. While some search terms can be expensive, it can also be a handy tool for testing new marketing campaigns because you can drive a lot of traffic to, for example, a sales page for one of your products, and see how well they convert, that is, buy. Once you have a winning sales letter, you can turn off the ads and drive free traffic to the site, or leave them running as long as they are profitable.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is free, though it does take time and effort. It can help you build a relationship with your target audience. It can also drive subscribers to your email marketing list so you can contact them any time you wish in order to send them special offers, ask them to take a survey, and so on.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Social Media Marketing PPC

This is one of the best marketing ideas for small business if you have a small budget and want to connect with the ideal customers in your niche. Facebook, Twitter and the other top social networks offer a range of advertising opportunities. The prices are more affordable than Google Ads and much more highly targeted. The key is to pick the right audience and create attention-grabbing ads.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Video Marketing

Video marketing is booming, thanks to YouTube, and is, therefore, another of the best marketing ideas for small business. Around 75% of the people who use the site are looking for how-to content. Produce those types of videos and market them on social media and in your email marketing. You should soon see your list of channel subscribers grow. You can also run ads through Google Ads on YouTube. The system will match your ad content with keywords in the title and descriptions of the videos on the site.

Ready to create your marketing plan? First, decide which three of these strategies appeal to you. Then sit down and create a detailed daily plan of attack. Remember that what we focus on grows and what we don’t focus on…. Well you know the answer.

Does this seem like a daunting task? Are you clear that without a marketing plan you are fighting a losing battle? Did you know that one of the things I do for my clients is createto  detailetd marketing plans? Let’s talk about it. Find a time for us to talk at http://DecisiveMinds.com/connect.