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digital productsThe digital product industry is a $174 Billion industry and if you aren’t getting your portion of that, it’s time for a change. Selling digital products does not have to be a complicated process.

One of the major issues that stops online marketers from making money with digital products, is not being able to decide what they can sell. So today we are going to look at 3 digital products you can sell immediately.

Digital Product #1

This one shouldn’t be a shock. One of the easiest things you can do is sell an e-book. Don’t over think it. What is your ideal client looking for? You write a 15 to 40 page word document on the subject, save it as a PDF and you have an e-book.

I was at the Clickfunnels event last month and met a 12 year old that is selling an e-book she wrote on how to have a successful slumber party. Like I said – don’t overthink this. I sell a business planner for $17 that falls in the e-book category.

Digital Product #2

Videos and online courses are great information products you can easily sell online. If you don’t know how to set them up on your own platform there are sites online that you can use to sell them. Udemy.com has over 8000 courses on it.

Most of these programs are 4 videos or modules and they are priced from $47 to $197. Don’t feel like you have to put everything you know in one program. I promise you that you have enough knowledge to have multiple online information products.

Digital Product #3

Graphic products are also very successful. If you are a photographer or a visual graphics geek there is some huge opportunity to sell your stuff online. Even if you aren’t a photographer you could put together a package of images that you have permission to sell and then you have a digital product.

What if you took some great images and put quotes on them. All of us non-creative, online entrepreneurs buy that kind of content all the time.
I hope you see that this doesn’t need to be difficult. Are you still trying to figure out your own online course? If so, you should join me for my upcoming free webinar “How I Made $100K Selling Info Products”.