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Whew!  I can't believe that tomorrow is November 1.  Doesn't is seem like the month of October has just flown by?  I know I've been busy.

Today is also the last day of the last Ultimate Blog Challenge of 2011.  How did you do?  I managed to post 30 posts during the month.  And, the extra posts have paid off for me.  Traffic to my website is up 15% for the month of October – that's almost 20,000 additional hits.  Go blogging 🙂

Here are a few new things that I tried this time around:

1. Weekly post round ups.  At the end of each week, I went into Twitter and looked at the posts I re-tweeted.  I read them all and picked some of the most interesting ones to post on my blog.  This was a fun post to write each week and gave me a chance to showcase what you guys were doing.

2. Using google reader.  I started subscribing to blogs I like in my google reader account.  Every couple of days I would go through and see what interesting things were being posted around the web.  This is where I got the interesting infographics that I shared with you this month.

3. I used some PLR here and there as outlines for blog posts. PLR is great when you know you owe a post, but you can't quite figure out what to write.  Re-writing PLR is easier than starting from scratch each time.

4. I promoted my events in my blog both by using guest posts and just by posting announcements.  It is good to provide useful  how to articles most of the time – but don't forget that your blog is a great platform for letting your audience know about your events, etc.

5. I didn't wait until the last minute.  I did have week when I was busy traveling so I couldn't write each day.  I made up the time by doing two posts each day for the final week.  I could not have finished up 10 posts at the last minute.

What were your tricks for finishing up the blog challenge? Now that the challenge is over,  are you cutting back on the blogging – or are you starting a new habit?