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Last week, I attended InfusionCon – the BIG conference (over 3,500 people attended this year) for put on by Infusionsoft.  Before I go much further I have to say that I LOVE Infusionsoft – it has allowed me to build an amazing business and amazing life.  But… I also think that InfusionCon is a very dangerous conference to attend if you are not in the right mindset!

The Myth of the Business That Runs Itself

Every entrepreneur has a dream of “making money in their sleep” – being able to take vacations and have meaningful moments with their families while the cash continues to roll in.  Events like InfusionCon that are jam packed with strategies and stories of entrepreneurs who have embraced Infusionsoft to automate and improve their business.  This year's winner, Brian Young is a house painter.  Young and his company were able to identify what the customer concerns were. Using the informationg gathered, the company was able to make necessary changes and boost customer satisfaction rating from 85% to 98%. The result was the award that included a prize money of $10,000.  That is the type of story that would make any entrepreneur sit up and take notice!  And beyond the inspirational stories, there are the booths, showing even more technology.  If I just invest in this one app… my dreams will come true. It's like a giant candy store for geeky entrepreneurs.

Why Geeks Are At a Disadvantage in Creating A Legacy Business 

The trouble with this is… that it is SO easy to get caught up in how to of creating the ultimate automated business – that you lose sight of what you are building it to do.  And, for my clients with a bit of a technical bent, implementing new apps and technical systems is that it is a way of avoiding the work that they need to do to build their business.  These are the clients who find it very easy to create a new website, autoresponders, Facebook page.  It is *too* easy for them to implement the tech side – so they create new businesses every few months and never get traction.   When I look at them, I count my blessings that I *am* not technically gifted – or I would have a great excuse to be busy – but not go anywhere with my business.

What Really Matters

So, if you are a geek… or if you just LOVE new apps, systems, Infusionsoft features, I have an important message for you… STEP AWAY FROM THAT SHINY NEW TOY AND GET BUSY!  Stop playing with your toys and pick up the phone.

And, I know that for many of you that is painful.  But, the thing I have learned over and over again is that the key to success is NOT the best technology – it is wanting it bad enough to step out from behind the gizmos and gadgets and get out there and TALK to people.  Find a way to have those strategy calls.  Every blog post you write (and yes, if you are one of those “content machines” who has never spoken live this is aimed at you too) need to lead people down a path to a conversation with you.  Every product you sell need to have a way to get into a sales conversation.

If you are not having the conversations – and making offers – you are just playing with your shiny toys – your business cannot succeed at a high level.

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