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People Who Are Successful in Business

I've noticed two things about people who are successful in business:

  1. They know how to sell
  2. They know about conversion

I think everyone else gets scared when they think about “conversion.”

The truth is, conversion happens in many place in your business. You meet people in networking events, and you set up a meeting to talk later, you get people to come to your webinar. People buy a product or service from you… that's the kind of conversion that I love the very best because dollars are attached.

But Some Struggle with Closing the Sale

I've noticed that people are really struggling with closing the sale. Sound like you? Read this article for tips on how to increase your “close” rate.

Step 1. Ask the right questions.

Why does your customer want to buy your product? What is the need do they have?

NOTE: This is NOT what YOU think they need – but what they think will solve their problem.

Really get into their thought process here. You don't have to be a mind reader. Asking your target market whether through surveys or just chatting with people face to face can give you all the information you need.  Pay close attention to the words they use to describe their problem.

Step 2. Learn How to Overcome Objections

“I don't have money.”

“I don’t have the time.”

“I need to talk to my husband.”

These are stories – do not buy into them.  Objections are simply manifestations of your clients fears.  Help them get past the fears so that you can HELP them with their problem.

Step 3. Understand Different Personalities.

Some people make quick decisions.

Some people need all the details.

Others need to like you (and know that you like them).

 Understand how your prospect thinks and tailor your presentation to that.

These 3 Steps Will Increase Your Conversion Rate!

Easier said that done?  Maybe… but image what even a 10% conversion increase could do for your business?

How much more would you make if you could just close one more client each month? (You are talking to 10 people a month, right?)

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