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I've been talking to you forever about social media and implementation – my new message to you is about how to build a business that is more than just a way for you to make a living (basically a job without benefits) and show you how to build a business that has roots – and leaves a legacy. I want you to build a business that gives you back your investment of time and money – that you can sell or leave to you children.

And… recently, it has been very clear to me that I need to listen to my own message. (Ever notice how people teach what they need help with…)

So, in order for Decisive Minds to grow and serve more people, I'm beginning the process of stepping out of the middle of operations (where most important information is in my head) to getting to the place where I can have a 50,000 foot view and really work on creating a business with staying power.  I have a sneaking feeling that this is going to be a long journey – and I would like to invite you to come along with me as Decisive Minds changes. I'll share what I learn along the way – to help you create YOUR legacy.

So, step one is to expand my team. I am thrilled to announce that I've hired Debbie O'Grady and Lynn Ruby as Master Coaches for Decisive Minds. They will be mentoring my Profit Club members this year – as well as training future coaches. Getting help with the coaching will allow Decisive Minds to serve more of you – and I couldn't be more excited. Here's a bit more about Lynn and Debbie.

Debbie O'Grady

Debbie O’Grady, dubbed ‘Queen of Accountability’ by her clients, is a thought leader and mentor on leveraging accountability to achieve successful outcomes. Debbie works with forward-thinking business owners who want to stay focused and on track to accomplish their goals and achieve success as rapidly as possible. Debbie works with individuals who understand that accountability translates to focus, progress, and success. They recognize that Debbie’s Coaching Programs complement and enhance the benefits they are currently receiving. Debbie's Accountability Program helps them transform their knowledge and direction into action and achievement. RevenueRecharge.com

Lynn Ruby

Lynn Ruby is founder of RubyMarketingSystems.com and a leading authority on video marketing. After 25+ years leading the marketing efforts for the corporate world, Lynn now brings the power of online marketing expertise to business owners. She works with entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do and yet are sometimes confused, intimidated or skeptical of the hype about online marketing.

Lynn is an expert at easily explaining complicated technical and marketing strategies and systems in everyday, ordinary language so that implement for their business. rubymarketingsystems.com/


I also needed to get myself out of the day to day marketing activities of Decisive Minds so I can focus more on our overall message. I promoted my long time Online Business Manager – Meredith Eisenberg to the role of Marketing Director – where she will oversee the marketing team.

Meredith Eisenberg

Meredith Eisenberg, has been working for Decisive Minds for 4 and a half years and has been online for 7. She is Certified
Guerrilla Marketing Coach, has been an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and just generally a genius at putting all the online marketing pieces together. Before starting her online marketing business in 2007, she spent 15 years as a Public Information Officer in Washignton DC where we won several national awards for her PR campaigns. Meredith is also co-host of the Paycheck to Passion podcast – http://paychecktopassion.com