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I really screwed upGood is good enough! Yes, I believe that with all my heart. However, it doesn’t make it sting any less when I screw things up, and this time I really screwed up. I seem to screw up on a pretty regular basis. I have been known to put “message” in a Facebook post when I am on my way to get a massage. I am really good at calling people by the wrong name. I even send out emails with links that don’t work or go to the wrong place.

There are a lot of people out there that can’t wait to send me emails and messages to point out what I have done wrong. Every time that happens I know that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing (and I know that those people usually don’t have the business they want because they are too busy worrying about perfection). That might sound a little weird but here is what I know.

My coaching business is in the top 5% of all coaching businesses because I’m not worried about it all being right!


So let me tell you about my latest screw-up! I was recently teaching a 1-day training called The Business Building Bootcamp. It was going great. There were a few bumps along the way like I put the word “Visible” on the top of a PowerPoint slide when I meant to put “Viable” and I was using a brand new platform to deliver the training and I had a few people having trouble with the platform. Then I got to an important part of the day.

It was time for me to share with everyone how they could get help with their business. We call that making an offer. The presentation was set up beautifully. I had a great sequence of PowerPoint slides. I was moving them emotionally to the point of buying. They were clear on what the program was going to do for them.

Then I got to the slides where it was time for them to take action, and guess what I had done? I put the wrong URL on it and worse than that, I put the same wrong URL on all the following slides as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t even realize it until after I was finished with that section and I looked at the chat. People in the chat were in a big conversation about the fact that the URL wasn’t working.


What do you do when you screw up?

  1. You laugh it off. There was nothing much I could do at that moment except verbally tell them what the correct URL was and put it in the chat. I still had another hour of content to go and I had to stay in the flow. Oh and by the way, at the end of the day I realized I had done it again in the last section of the PowerPoint. Another great opportunity to laugh at me.
  2. You make it right. The day was recorded and I don’t believe in editing recorded classes because I want the recordings to feel like they did if you were with us in person. So the way I fixed it was to buy the “wrong” URL (www.DecisiveBusinessPlan.com) and redirect it to the “correct” URL (www.DecisiveBusinessAccelerator.com). Now, when someone is watching the recording and they see the wrong URL it will work. It will take them directly to the sales page.

So let me ask you something. Do you let the fear of doing something wrong stop you from moving forward? Are you willing to go after your dreams knowing that you are going to screw up along the way? Do yourself a favor and go for it – fear and all.

Now that you know how not to use the wrong URL, I thought you might want a few tips on how to create great sales pages.