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I love working with a timer!  Mine is actually an electronic timer that looks like an hour glass.  As a matter of fact I just set it, giving myself 15 minutes to work on this post.

I have learned a lot about myself being self-employed and one of those things is that I am a starter.  I have a tendency to start a project and then get a great idea and start another project and the laundry and the dishwasher…..  And before I know it I have all these things started but nothing actually finished.

But it is who I am and realizing that is half the battle.  So about a year ago I started working with a timer.  What I found was that there is a certain amount of time that I can stay focused on one project before my mind starts going to the next.

Instead of fighting this I simply set my timer, usually for 30 to 45 minutes depending on what I am trying to accomplish and I don't allow myself to get up or get side tracked until it goes off.  Then I take a moment to stretch (or go check the laundry) and I decide what I will do next.  Do I work on something different or will I go back to what I was doing?

3 Benefits of the Timer

I have found that breaking my projects into smaller timed segments like this really keeps me focused.

I also do not feel guilty getting up and stretching or even just sitting at my desk looking out the window at the finches playing on my bird feeder after the timer goes off.

I can change tasks during the day and feel like I have really accomplished something on multiple projects.

Oh my 15 minute timer just went off so I have to close here.  Do yourself a favor and try the timer!