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Are you a massive action taker or do you find yourself trying to figure out how to take more action?

5 Tips to Help You Take More Action

1. Breathe

 Sometimes, just taking a deep breath will snap you out of the go-go-go feeling and get you to the place where you can start getting things done.  It doesn't take a lot of willpower to stop and breathe for a minute.  Breathing puts you in a state where you can get more done and just relax.

2. Be accountable to others.

Do you want to know why people spend big money on coaches?  Yes, the coach can help guide you, and having a second set of eyes is important.  But, the main reason is by investing just a little more than what is comfortable, you have accountability and leverage.  You want to do what the coach says, take action, and make your business a success.

3.  Keep your to-do list realistic

 A to-do list based on your marketing plan is key to your success.  But, you need to make sure that your to-do list is realistic.  I recently had a client come to me with a revenue projection that I knew would take 5 people to do well.  I had her pare it down to one service offering where she could really make good money.

It is pretty easy to get overly enthusiastic about the to-do list.  The key is to manage what you do each day.  I take a piece of paper and write my top three income-producing activities down and the things I need to follow up on.  This approach has helped me to become much more productive.  Also, if you get the point where you have more work than time, this is past time to expand your team.

4. Choose instead of should.

 Here's a quick mindset tweak.  You don't really need to do anything.  In the end, you choose what to do.  “Should”, ” Need To” and “Have To” take away your personal power and make you feel like you aren't in control.  When you remind yourself that you are choosing your action each day, you take back that control and it makes it easier to take action.

Here’s a small but useful tip. You don’t really need to do anything. You always choose what to do. Thinking about things this way removes the “shoulds” and “need to” that take your personal power away and make you feel like you aren’t in control. When you think that you choose to do whatever you do then you regain control and power. And it becomes easier to take action.

5. Focus on the how instead of the if’s.

This tip helps clear the fog of the what-if from your mind.  You can spend hours and hours, even days thinking about what might happen if you take action.  So, instead of spending your time getting lost in the what if's – focus on how you can do something.  How can I break one million in my business this year?  How can I focus more on my bottom line?

What is your best tip for taking more action?