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NetworkingHave you ever cried coming home from an event?   You've spent thousands of dollars in hotel and plane fare.  On the way home, you realize that although being at the event felt great – you really didn't meet anyone who is a good potential client or who would be a good partner.

And… you realize it is your fault.  The people were there – you just felt lost in the sea of people.  You collected a few business cards – but there were so many people in the room – it all feels like a fog.

You know that going to events is the way to build your business – but how can you make that work if you are shy?

Imagine what it would be like to come from from an event with appointment in your calendar for strategic conversations.  To go to the event, and feel like you are meeting old friends vs. stuck at a party where you don't know anyone and are just waiting for an excuse to go back to your room and sleep.

I am shy.  And, I have managed to make events work for me.  In fact, in one way or another live events are responsible for around 75% of my sales.   In this post, I'm going to show you how to make events work for you.  You can apply what you learn at my upcoming Legacy Live event.

How to Make Events Work For You (even if you are shy). 

1.  Get active in any pre-event social media groups  I did this before my first big event.  I joined the Facebook group, and started conversations there.  When I actually arrived at the event – people came up and talked to me.  It was amazing.  At that event, I met my first virtual assistant, several future clients and my future coach!

2. Consider sponsoring the event (or volunteering)  If you can afford it, sponsoring an event is a great way to get in a position where people are being introduced to you.  They come to your table and talk to YOU.  It is a great position to be in.  If you can't afford to sponsor – then volunteer.  You'll be sitting behind a table and have a chance to at least meet everyone.

3.  Go for the VIP Upgrade  Buying the All Access pass is a great way to get yourself in a smaller group of entrepreneurs who are serious about building your business.  You'll get to eat meals with the speakers and sponsors.  At the Legacy Live event, people who upgrade get 2 days of provided lunches plus a small mastermind group with me.

BONUS HINT: Appointment Books are more important than business cards.  Bring a paper appointment calendar with you to the event.  Try to get people to make appointments with you as you talk with them to further discuss working together. That way, you'll have sessions already booked when you get home.