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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

As a business owner, your job is to help your business to grow. To do that you need to network with others in business who can give you a leg up so to speak. For online businesses, driving traffic to your website puts your target market right in line with your product. But, there are only twenty-four hours in a day to get it all done.

As a business owner, you have several skills. One of those skills is what your business is based around. If you know how to craft, then crafting is a logical business. If you have expertise in Internet marketing then helping others to take advantage of your knowledge is a business in itself. The point is that your skills are being put to good use.

Everything that you do in business is not in your area of expertise.

For instance, business owners have to keep up with their finances, taxes, website maintenance, creating fresh content and several other duties. To wear all of those hats, and do it successfully, you’d have to be several people.

Since there is no such thing as a duplicating machine for humans, you are going to need help. Spending all day answering emails or setting up an autoresponder program or building your website leaves no time to actually build your business.


There is an answer to your dilemma. It goes by the name of “outsourcing”. We’ve all heard of it. It’s what big corporations do when they build factories in other countries to make their products. Even online business owners can outsource to save themselves both time and money.

When you work solo, building your online business and advertising your products, it leaves less time for administrative tasks. Even breaking up your day into blocks of time to spend time on all your tasks can be counterproductive. Your loss of time actively seeking new business equals loss of profit.

You can find others who have made it their business to aid the business professional. These people are virtual assistants, freelance accountants, bookkeepers, graphic designers and affiliate managers to name a few.

Virtual assistants are not glorified secretaries but professional business men and women who have built up a skillset that is valuable in the online business world. They can type letters, send emails, handle customer service, build websites, write copy and press releases and a host of other duties. It is like having an entire office of people in one person.

If you are thinking about money, compare the cost of you doing something for three hours that will take them one. And, virtual professionals are paid for the work that they do. If they work for an hour on your project, then you pay them for an hour. There is no padding the overhead. In the meantime, you are handling the business end of your business.

Do you need help growing your business? Consider outsourcing to lighten your load so you can pay attention to other things.