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Today's guest post is from Jena Rodriguez, an amazing brand expert. She's discussing the value of your message and how you can convey that value to your potential clients. Understanding the value you offer to your clients is so crucial to earning what you're worth!

By Jena Rodriguez, Brand with Jena 

VALUE…What does VALUE mean to you when it comes to your business or offerings? Do you TRULY value yourself and the gift you offer the world? What if I told you UNDER VALUED = UNDER PAID…are you feeling under paid?

The message today is that if YOU don’t value what you do, who you are and what you have to say, no one else will. Also, if you don’t value what you do and AREN’T willing to ask for the money for it, no one will pay! THEY must see the value in what you have to offer as well, and when they do, they will FIND the money!

This subject has been coming up in my client coaching sessions lately and I thought it was worth sharing. A lot of my job (and pleasure) is to bring people through the confusion and help them to find their highest TVQ. This stands for “True Value Quotient“. Here is the formula:

True Value Quotient (TVQ) = IT + R + B    or    IT Factor + Results Given + Sizzlin’ Brand

It’s quite simple! Your value (which you must see, feel, & believe first) is knowing WHO you serve best and WHO you love to work with as far as your Ideal Target Client (IT Factor). Then knowing what high impact results you provide your clients, articulating clearly your unique benefits provided, as well as having a clearly expressed, well-thought out brand rounds out this formula. What is a BRAND you ask? First off, it is NOT your logo, website, or business card. It IS however the intangible personality of your business, or business of YOU! It truly is the emotional perception and connection that someone FEELS when they come in “touch” with your BRAND!!! So the more clearly defined, well developed and visually compelling brand you have, the more VALUE  you have, the higher your TVQ!!

The truth is if we don’t know our own value AND have a way to powerfully communicate it, then we can’t expect others to value our offerings either. And another BONUS you get when “calculating” your TVQ is being able to raise your prices AND get it! Which means….more money, same (or less) effort!

If you would like to gain access to one of my most popular FREE workbooks, “Add SIZZLE to Your 60 Second Intro” and walk through some of these concepts, such as identifying your IT Factor, click here now. If you are ready to get these questions answered by me personally, I would invite you to take additional action. I offer entrepreneurs that are ready for an honest, transparent conversation about where they are in their business, and those that would like to know more about how to raise their TVQ , a Complimentary Brand Clarity Strategy Session. If this is YOU, then apply here.  I would love to share some ideas and strategies with you!  As always, connect me on Facebook and TW: #jenarodriguez