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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

How do you make a great video that you can use on a online sales letter or a training video series?

Well you have come to the right place because I have been the video queen lately.  I have been making 30 minute training videos, 5 minute introductory videos and 20 minutes sales page videos.

First you learn these words “OK, that's good enough.”  That has to become your mantra because I can tell you right now it will never be good enough.

Second you need patience.  First because your computer doesn't work as fast as your brain.  Then because you forget to hit the “save” button and your computer crashes because you have so many websites and programs open it decides to go on strick.

Third you need to absolutely love what you do.  A few weeks back I wrote a blog post about how long it was taking me to put these 30 minute training videos together.  I don't know if I actually admitted that it took me 30 hours to create a 30 minute video but it did.  However, the second one I created only took me about 20 hours and yesterday I did one in about 15 hours.  So it's getting better.  I have exactly 24 hours as I type this to have the next video ready for publication and I am only 25% done so I wonder how long this one will take me.

Fourth you need some great trade secrets.  OK, I'll share them with you.

* You don't have to be on camera yourself, if you don't want to.  Love that – means I can make great videos in my jammies.

* Create a PowerPoint slide  for your presentation.  Usually I like to put lots of pictures and not many words.  But yesterday I did a video where the viewer can read along as I speak.  I really liked that and I will let you know later what the feedback is.

* You need a good headphone.  Be sure you do a little test run to make sure it is recording.  Learned that one the hard way.

* Use a screen capture software to capture your screen and your voice.  I use Camtasia and I know a lot of the video experts do too.

Fifth repeat your mantra – “OK, that's good enough.”

So when you see my new video that is coming out on Monday and you notice there is a “T” missing on one of the slides – remember “OK, that's good enough.”

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