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Taking it to the next levelFirst things first. You have a product or an easy way for people to engage your services and all the basics are in place. You have a website that’s easy to find and navigate, with an opt-in box and autoresponder set up to message potential clients right away. You have a social media presence on the platforms that matter to your audience. Great!

Your business will be ready for the next level when you have an online community and people know your name in your niche. When you can be counted on as someone who can help, you’ll generate new business and opportunities such as receiving invitations to speak at events, even if you aren't taking full advantage of those opportunities.

You’ll really know your business is ready for the next level when you are starting to feel overwhelmed with all the moving parts in your business. Yes, you don’t know it yet, but feeling overwhelmed is great news! Feeling overwhelmed happens when you have a steady stream of clients but things might be falling through the cracks, when you have your systems set up but they are possibly too complicated. When your Virtual Assistant knows way more about your business than you do, your business is ready for the next level!

So things are going well and your business is ready, but how do you break through to the next level? To do that you need to:

Build your confidence – When you understand your ideal client, you’ll know how to package your products and services, know exactly how to reach that client, and be able to clearly articulate your worth.

Learn how to create better systems – In the growth phase, you are effectively systemizing your business, so you have a lead generation process that is constantly driving new leads into your business and your funnel.

Learn how to have a selling conversation – The number one way to sell things right now, in this economy, is through personal conversation during which you make an offer, not just imply that you have something to sell but instead ask directly for the sale.

You can learn these things and more at Take Action Get Profits: Converting Contacts into Paying Clients, September 27-29, 2013, in Houston, TX. This event is for people who have an established business, who have a website and a good start on social media. We are not going to waste your time setting up your profiles – we are going to spend focused time creating a custom online and offline marketing plan that will bring profits to YOUR business. Register now!