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I recently hosted a 3-day conference, Take Action Get Profits Live, for entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their businesses online.  It was an amazing weekend filled with fun and lots of learning.   Following the event, I have been asked several times how I pulled off such a successful event and I thought I would share my discoveries.

Simply put – how to host a successful event.

1.  Have a Great Team! I have to tell you that one of the reasons the event was so smooth was because I had the amazing team from MCE Onsite there to take care of everything.  Lisa Benavidez and Maria Casas were amazing – taking care of all of the attendees' needs, the hotel's needs, and my needs.  So professional that I didn't have to worry about anything but what I was going to do on stage.

2.  Choose Amazing  Guest Speakers – I tried really hard to choose guest speakers that would add a different aspect to the learning in the event.  It was very important to me that they be teaching 90% of the time but then also share a way for the attendees to continue to learn from them.

  • Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, spoke about list building.
  • Adam Urbanski, The Millionaire Marketing Mentor, spoke about profiting from information products
  • Shahar & Nash Boyayan, the Buzzbooster.tv, spoke about using video to market your business
  • Caterina Rando, Thrive Publishing, spoke about how to be a sought after speaker
  • Belanie Dishong, Live At Choice, spoke about how we can build stronger relationships by being aware and acknowledging the people who bring our clients into our lives.

I heard from so many attendees thanking me for putting together this diverse group of powerful speakers.

3.  Create Community – A lot of people talk about building a community at an event but I worked hard at starting this prior to the event.  I created a Twitter list of attendees and a Facebook group so that they could start interacting prior to the event.  During the event, I made it easy for them to ask questions and interact with each other.  I brought in Cathy Jennings from No Pressure Networking and she gave them some networking tips and exercises.  It was really great to see them all interacting and seeing the possibility of working with each other.

4.  Be Flexible – If you are going to host your own event you had better learn to be flexible.  First, my audio person canceled and at the last minute I had to run out and buy a projector, borrow my daughter's laptop and beg my friends Adam Urbanski and Meredith Eisenberg to watch the recordings of the audio.  As the weekend progressed and things didn't happen exactly at the times I planned – no problem we just moved them around.  I also made the decision during the event to let people ask questions and have discussions as we went along instead of making them wait until my presentations were finished – it was a little risky but it worked out great.

I have to say though that it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  To watch as the eyes of the attendees when they saw the possibilities of what they could do in their businesses was so gratifying.  I can't wait to do it again!