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Last week, I spoke on stage to 800 people at Suzanne Evans' Be the Change event.  It is something I've bee visualizing forever – standing in front of that large of an audience and knocking it out of the park.  When I first started out, I could barely imagine going to such a big event, much less speaking in front of such a large group.  Now, my goal is to grow my event, the Legacy Live Event to that size.   And, I know exactly how I'll do it.  My event size has essentially doubled every year.  Getting big numbers is much more of a science than an art or even just good luck.

I am going to share that science with you in this blog post.  What I'm going to teach you applies whether you are creating an experience for 800 people or launching your first product.

The secret to high enrollment is reaching out to a large number of people.  

Sales (and life to a large extent) is a game of percentages.  The rule of thumb is that you need to attempt to reach about 500 people per sale.  Here's how that works:

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So using this math, Suzanne had to reach 400,000 people to get 800 to attend her event. Of course, unless you are a mega-corporation with lots of money to spend up front you aren't going to be able reach 400,000 for your first event.  But, the tips I'm about to give you apply whether your are looking for your first 10 enrollees or your first 10,000.  We go more in depth into these strategies in our Product Success Secrets class.

1.  Work hard on building your list.  Using social media, and attending networking events is great, but none of it counts if people don't end up on your mailing list.  Your list is something that you control, your social media channels could disappear tomorrow.

2. Get out from behind he computer.  Even the Wizard of Oz couldn't make his project work always hiding behind the “magic curtain”.  To be seen as an expert, you need to get out of the house.  The best way I have of selling people into events is speaking.  I get 10x the results from a live event than from ten virtual events.

3. Get on the phone. Suzanne is a a master of getting on the phone and following up.  She has a team to make the calls, but once you get into Suzanne's universe expect phone calls.   Commit to just a few calls a week. Sales will start coming in.

4. Collaborate Many people come to Suzanne's events through event sponsors. Each sponsor can get a significant discount on their sponsor fee for bringing people to the event.  Use your community – give them incentives to help you.

5. Create a High Quality experience. This goes without saying.  Suzanne's event grows every year because she creates an amazing experience for the attendees.

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