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Irresistible promiseHow do you get someone's attention? An irresistible promise. Let me show you what I mean. Imagine, you are in the middle of the desert, your throat is parched.  Road-weary, you've been traveling for days.  You know that if you do not drink soon you will die.

How much would you pay for a glass of water?

I imagine quite a lot.  Maybe everything you have.  After all, it is not just water you are buying, but your very life.  And that is worth a lot.   Hopefully, most of your prospective clients are not in a life or death situation.  But, if you are good at what you do (and if you are in the Decisive Minds community my bet is that you know your stuff), your offer can be life-changing for your customers.  The trick is getting them to let you help them.

The key to getting customers is to create an irresistible promise – to help them change their lives by solving a big problem for them.

Sounds simple, but it can actually be very hard because you truly need to see the world through your customers' eyes.

What is keeping them up at night?

What do they believe is the key to getting themselves unstuck?

You need to start there – even if you know that your product or your methodology will make a difference – you need your customer to believe that before they will buy from you.

So how do you get inside the head of your customer to create something they can't resist?

We get into this more deeply in Product Success Secrets.  Here are a few hints to get you started:

  • Listen to your clients: When people call you and when they talk to you at networking events – what is the question they ask you the most?  That is a big hint to which product you should be creating.
  • Pay attention to your testimonials: How are people saying that you are helping them exactly?  It may not be what you think.  Read between the lines.
  • Listen to the larger conversation:  Spend time on competitors' Facebook pages, type in hashtags related to your niche on Facebook and Twitter.  Set up Google Alerts for keywords in your area of expertise.  What are people asking?  Where are they getting stuck?

When you have a general idea of the biggest problems and issues facing your audience, you can create your big promise by asking the following questions:

1.  What specific part of this problem can I fix for my clients? It is far better to truly fix ONE thing than to get too general.

2.  What language does my client use to describe this problem? (We go over ways of finding this in Product Success Secrets).

3. What will happen to the client if they don't solve the problem?  What will happen if they do?  (This helps you get at the deep “why” which is the key to getting sales.)

4. Why wouldn't the client sign up for my offer?  This isn't being negative – this question helps you educate your client so you can make a difference for them.

Use the answers from the above 4 questions to create your version of a “water in the desert” promise.

Here is another great post on Choosing Your Ideal Client and Your Unique Selling Proposition!

Want help and support?  Write your promise in the comments section.

For more tips on how to get paid to create a product that sells – check out Product Success Secrets.

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