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List BuildingGmail has over 1 billion active users, so don't try to tell me that people don't use email! LOL The real question is – are you using email for marketing? In this post, we will focus on how to build your list so that you can benefit from all these active email users.

Having a great giveaway, also known as a freebie, will help you to build your list quicker. People don't really want to join email lists for newsletters anymore. They want access to great content. Whether it is an e-book, audio, a checklist, or any of the many ways you can provide people with great information. To build your list with an e-book, for example, there are a few things you will need to get in place.

Since the goal of the e-book is to build your list by getting people to give you their e-mail addresses, you need to have a page for them to do that.

Here's a picture of my page for 5 Ways to Build Your List.  My team creates my opt-in pages using Clickfunnels.

Your goal with this opt-in box is to have them enter their first name and e-mail address.  I don't require more information than that because it has been proven to reduce conversion.  Once they give you their e-mail address, you can add them to a follow-up sequence.

How do I get the box where people put in their e-mail?

You get the box from your e-mail autoresponder service.  I started right away with Infusionsoft, however, that is expensive for most people. You have a wide variety of choices.  Some of my clients like GetResponse, Active Campaign, or Aweber.   The e-mail service will have great tutorials to walk you through putting the code on your site.

How do I get a cool-looking cover for my e-book?

Unless you are really good at graphics, I recommend you outsource this.  I know people have gotten excellent results from both killercovers.com and Fiverr.  A trick that I like to use on Fiverr is to commission a few different covers and then choose the one I like the best.  You can sometimes ask the person who makes the cover for you to make a social media image for you too.  If not Canva is an excellent quick graphic-making tool.

Promote The Book On Social Media

  1. Facebook – You share the optin for the e-book in your Newsfeed and in Groups.  You could promote these posts. Tell people how to share your information.  Share on your personal page – ask your friends to share it on theirs.
  2. LinkedIn –  Post your e-book on LinkedIn groups that you belong to.
  3. Twitter – Post every day.  Create a hashtag so people can find your book.

Make sure you are putting this out every week on your social media.

Remember – it is YOUR responsibility to get your audience the help they need by sharing your e-book with them.  Happy list building!

Want more ideas about how to build your list?