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legosOnce you’ve decided to build a product, you then have to market it.  A sales page is often the first part of that marketing approach but it can be something that people get stuck on.  So let’s talk about some sales page tips today!

Where oh where to put it?

Depending on the focus of your sales page, you may not be sure whether to put it on your main page or somewhere else.  There are obviously benefits and drawbacks for both options but sometimes it will simply come down to the technology you want to use and whom you want to do it.  Depending on whether you want to have your sales page and your main page use the same theme, it might be easier to have a separate place to house them.  Also, if use a tool like optimize press, you may be able to make them yourself or have your VA do them which is a huge benefit.

What oh what am I supposed to put on a sales page?

This is obviously going to vary product by product, but let’s talk about 3 tips for building a strong, attention grabbing sales page.

  1. Headline:  This is a huge part of grabbing attention and setting the tone for the sales page.  First, make them stand out!  They have to be large text in an eye-grabbing color.  Then, make sure they describe your product accurately and sell what you’re offering.
  2. Answer they’re questions:  While some people coming to a sales page may know you, many will be seeing you for the first time.   So spend some time telling your story and establishing your expertise.  They’re more likely to buy if they know who you are and why they should trust you.
  3. Don’t hide the cost: This needs to be easy to find and easy to see.  There’s nothing worse than the bait and switch so you don’t want people to feel like you’re hiding anything or trying to pull a fast one on them.  Again, this may be the first time they’re seeing you so you want to be sure to establish your credibility and build the trust!

Remember the sales page is the first step of the process so you also have more to nail down.  If you’re struggling to launch your first or even 10th product and you want more information, check out how to launch in 30 days!