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I’m getting ready to re-launch my Social Media Manager Profits program.  As part of the pre-launch, you may have received an e-mail from me asking you to help me promote the program.  As an incentive, I’m offering a 40% commission on any courses you sell through your link as an affiliate.  Many of you have asked me to talk a bit more about earning money through affiliate programs.  I did a basic post, what exactly is an affiliate a while back.

In this post, I’m going to talk about what is takes to be a successful affiliate (otherwise known as a superaffiliate).


A super affiliate isn’t an affiliate who wears a cape with a big red S on it, but instead is an affiliate who shows great achievements with his or her recommendations. In other words, a super affiliate is one who makes more sales than a normal affiliate. Now, at this point you are probably asking yourself, “How can I possibly sell more than the majority of affiliates who promote product X or service Y?”

It is NOT as hard as you might think.

Considering the majority of affiliates in a program either don’t promote, only promote in one place or one time, or just don’t know how to effectively promote a product, it’s not difficult at all to become a super affiliate in almost any affiliate program.

It does take more than just throwing up a button or posting a link within an article on your website to generate a decent affiliate income.

Here are just a few things a super affiliate does that most affiliates don’t:

  1. Work Hard!
  2. Think BIG!
  3. Remain Consistent!
  4. Have Drive!

Honestly, the things above are not hard to accomplish. Everyday a new affiliate signs up to promote a product with the intention of promoting it, but once they redirect their referral link, post a link on their site, or send out one mailing they never think about it again.

As a super affiliate you can’t stop there. In the next 7 days I will show you how you can remain one step ahead of the other affiliates promoting the same thing from the day you sign up for a program.

Until tomorrow, I want you to think about one program that you are a member of that you would love to be better at promoting. For the remainder of this course we’ll focus on that single program. Once we’ve completed the course, you can then repeat the same steps with each and every program you promote.