It’s a fact, you make no money until you sell something. Sales is a huge part of what we have tolook at in business. I’m a huge believer in building a leveraged business, and I know that while you are building that piece of your business you had better have a way to bring in cash.

So, what is it that you can sell today? And, how do you do that?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you my whole sales strategy in a blog post or two (I am going over most of it at my event Take Action Get Profits this week, but I can talk to you about the segments of a sales conversation.

The number one way to sell things right now, in this economy, is through personal conversation – strategy sessions during which you make an offer, not just imply that you have something to sell but actually ask for the sale.

As a business coach, I begin by asking, “What is really working in your business?” This opens the call on a positive note, Then I ask, “What is not working in your business?” I might ask that a few times. Maybe they say they aren’t sure who they want to work with or haven’t been able to develop a list, and then they get to a point where they say,

“If I don’t start making money soon I am going to have to get a JOB.” That usually has a lot of
emotion behind it, and I am listening to hear that major pain. This is the first segment of a sales
call, getting to the pain point.

The second segment is acknowledgement, the feel, felt, found section. You want to let  them know how you know how it feels. “I felt the same way and I found that by developing a
marketing strategy that included social media, speaking, and networking, I was able to grow my
list, design my first coaching program, and make six figures in my second year. If you could do
six figures in your business in the next two years, how would that make you feel? What could
that change in your life or your children’s lives?”

Then we move to the third segment: clarification. “What I am hearing you say is….you really want to build a list, start speaking, and you have to start making more money so you don’t have to go get a job. Does that about sum it up?” That leads right into a transition: “So you scheduled this call because you are looking for solutions, right?”

In my next blog post, I’ll talk about the fourth segment of a sale – closing, actually asking for the

Would you like a more complete strategy?  I’m going through my whole step by step system for converting contacts to clients next week in Houston. (Can’t make it to Houston? I hired a camera crew to livestream the whole thing for you – click here to find out more.