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Ask the SaleIt’s a fact, you don't make any money unless you sell something. The sale is a huge part of business. I’m a big believer in building a leveraged business, I also know that while you are building that piece of your business you had better have a way to bring in cash.

So, what is it that you can sell today? And, how do you do that?


The number one way to sell things right now, in this economy, is through personal conversation (also known as strategy sessions) during which you make an offer, not just imply that you have something to sell but actually ask for the sale.

Steps to Asking For The Sale

As a business coach, I begin conversations with potential new clients by asking a couple of questions. First I ask, “What is really working in your business?” This not only opens the call on a positive note but also takes them by surprise and helps them to relax a little.  Then I ask, “What is not working in your business?” I might actually ask this question a few times to see if there are different pain points in their business.

Maybe they aren’t sure who their ideal client is or they haven’t been able to build an email marketing list, and then eventually I will hear something like “If I don’t start making money soon I am going to have to get a JOB.” That comment usually has a lot of emotion behind it. During this process, I am listening for their major pain points. This is the first segment of a sales call, getting to the pain point. By the way, I am taking notes and writing down exactly what I hear them say so that I can reiterate it later in the call.

The second part of a sales conversation: An acknowledgment –  the feel, felt, found section. You want to let them know that you know how it feels or how they feel in this situation. I will say something like “Wow Susan! I get it! I know how it feels when your business is struggling. I felt the same way. What I found was that by developing a marketing strategy that included social media, speaking, and networking, I was able to grow my list, design my first coaching program, and make six figures in my second year. If you could do six figures in your business in the next two years, how would that make you feel? What could that change in your life or your children’s lives?”

Then we move to the third segment: clarification. “Susan, What I am hearing you say is….you really want to build your business and you have to start making more money so you don’t have to go get a job. Does that about sum it up?” At this point, they should agree because you are simply restating what they have already said.

Here is the critical point- asking for the sale…

That leads right into the transition to your offer: “So you scheduled this call because you are looking for solutions, right?” Get their agreement and then ask this question “This is what our company does, could I share with you how we do that?” If yes then proceed to tell them about what you do.

Here is the most important part of the whole conversation. Once you have told them how you can help them then you have to ask them how they would like to get started with you. It's called the Assumptive Close. You make the offer assuming they are a Yes! It's a simple statement “How would you like to get started?” Then shut up. Do not say another word until they have spoken. I have seen so many small business owners fail at this very moment because in your brain you are thinking “They don't have the money” or “This isn't for them” or whatever and they are sitting on the other side thinking about how they are going to pay for it. That little voice in your head will mess this up for you every time. So don't speak!

This is a part of the script I teach my clients. Would you like to learn more about the sales process and get the complete script? Check out my sales training video course – Results Based Selling. You will have access to the full script and lots of other goodies that will help you close more sales.

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