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This is the very first e-mail in my January marketing challenge series.  This month, I am going to outline the basics of what works to be successful online.  Each tip will come with a quick action step.  If you follow them all, you will have a great start toward a successful business.


How I can I help you?

That is the first question you are asked in most service situations.  And, the question that usually comes just before you give the person money.  Notice how that works.   Usually, the person asking has a pretty good idea of what you are going to ask them to do.  You are going to ask them where something is in the store, or maybe order some food.

On the surface, “how can I help you?” is a very basic question – but it is powerful.  “How can I help you?” is the very thing that makes business work.  But, when you are just starting out – and you are working online, it can be easy to set up shop without knowing exactly what it is you are selling.

If you need some help in that area,  read on.

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself to determine exactly what you should be offering to your customers?

1.  Is there something that people are always asking you for, that you LOVE to do, and can't imagine why people can't quickly do it for themselves?  If the answer comes very quickly – write it down.  That is probably your innate skill.  Just because something is easy for you – it doesn't mean that it is easy for everyone.

2. What do people constantly complain to you about?  Sometimes, people will complain to you because they know that you can solve their problem.  If folks are constantly talking to you about their web designers, and you have that skill – there is an opportunity for you.

3. In what areas do you feel jealous of other people's success?   Have you ever read an e-mail from someone else in your niche promoting a product you were about to launch?  That is actually a good sign. It means – you are in the right niche.  (It also means that you shouldn't sit on your ideas for too long).

At the end of the day, you need to know how you can help your customers.

Action Step

Take a few minutes to think about the problems you solve for your customers.   Post them in the comments if you like 🙂

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