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Blog Tour Spring Forward 2014 200I think it is only fitting that I kick off my blog tour here at Decisive Minds! I'm excited to share my story on how Michele Scism and her event Take Action Get Profits (TAGP) in October of 2012 had an impact in my life and my hope is to encourage you in your journey–whatever that journey is.

In my lifetime, I have often held back on saying what I think. I often over analyze — afraid of what other people will think. Shy is a word I would use to describe me. I've learned to not be the shy girl but ever so often she pops up. Does anybody relate?

Here's a little background so you can get the full impact. I really felt that I should be doing something online, had attended other events and had proceeded to “try out” several ideas…. sharing mom and kid activities, maybe scrapbooking and then teaching women to scrapbook their faith.  I was so confused.

It was at this point that I had received an invitation to come to TAGP. I was so ready to do something but my current course of action just wasn't feeling right. So off I went to TAGP — my hope was to get clarity.

I know at this point you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if I received the clarity I was seeking….be patient…hold on… let me continue.

The shy girl came out at the beginning of the event. The girl who wasn't sure if her business idea was correct couldn't find the courage to say her name and website in front of the room full of strangers at the beginning of the conference yet found the courage just an hour later to volunteer to share her intimate answers to an exercise designed to help you find what is unique about you. I shared my idea of faithbooking, how it didn't feel right. I shared personal information of a divorce, how my ex-husband's desire to go outside of the marriage affected me, and how I overcame. It was at that moment Michele simply said, “That is your audience…do you realize how many women have been in your shoes and needs encouragement?”

Yep! †Clarity!!!! That felt so right!!

A huge shift took place in my thinking. †I have already helped women who have been put in my path over the years. †I have already worked though many of my issues through journaling and studies and knew I could share that experience to help others.

To tell you the truth I was SO EXCITED yet I was so AFRAID at the same time.

But this is what I also knew:

I came back to the TAGP event in 2013 with the new direction in full swing. †I had renamed and redesigned my message and purpose, created a new website and wrote a book called “Snapshots – Great Attitudes & Positive Self-Talk” and had been to a few book signings.

Was I ever a little afraid to do any of it? You betcha but you know what else I knew I just needed to


At TAGP 2013 I was brought up on stage for the “Hotseat” – DO IT AFRAID!

Put into action the self-paced course (per the “Hotseat”) – DO IT AFRAID!

Take the step to go on this blog tour – DO IT AFRAID!

What about you? †What is that thing that you know deep in your gut that you should be doing but aren't because there is that little bit of fear?

If you are signed up for the blog tour updates, you will receive a printable to help you identify what they are. †Just fill in the blanks:

“If I catch myself being afraid to do _____________________________________________, I will just have to do ___________________________________ afraid.”

So when you are afraid to do something you feel like you are meant to do, what do you do?

That's right….you just need to do it afraid.

This post is part of a Sheryl's Spring Forward blog tour for Overcoming Your Negativityher new self-paced course which is a 21 day journey to positive thinking, a better attitude and a happier you. You can read other posts in this tour by going to her blog at GrowBloomInspire.com/tour. For more information on the self-paced course click here.

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