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Is your business growing at a snail’s pace? You are not alone. When I do strategy sessions with my clients they are often frustrated with their progress. Do you want to know why your business is not growing? Are you ready for the hard truth? You need more likes…and I’m not talking about Facebook likes! I mean likeability. The truth of the matter is that people don’t just buy your product or service; they’re buying an image or feeling.

If you are a business coach, are you a small fish in a big sea? What set’s your coaching business apart from the next person’s coaching business is YOU! Even though your business isn’t unique, YOU are! And I’m going to show you how to use this information to your advantage and grow your business fast!

Build community

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by building your community. Having great information isn’t enough. Honestly, if people want great information they can go to Google. Information isn’t all that people want! They want mentors, friends, and coaches. Get to know people, and most importantly let them get to know you. Here are my favorite tips for building community and staying engaged with your clients:

  • Blogging – This is my absolute favorite way to build community! Blogging is very personal, and it’s also a powerful resource. Recently a new entrepreneur confessed to me that she just didn’t see the point in blogging when she didn’t have anyone to read it. Great point! For those just starting out, I recommend writing guest posts for others in your target community. This is an easy way to gain followers in your ideal market, and build-up your own community.
  • Video Marketing – Video shows a side of your personality that blogging never can. Create a YouTube channel and share it. We’re not looking for a feature-length film here! Start by making a 2-minute video introducing yourself, what you do, and what you can do for them.
  • Social Media – It’s not just for teenagers! Social media is a tool constantly connecting you with your clients. Find out where your audience is and learn how to play there!

Your goal is to find out your clients’ needs and meet them; you’ll be able to do that if you pursue building community and get to know these people like your neighbor. Well…maybe closer than your neighbor, since people don’t know their neighbors anymore.

Want to get clear on how you can market your business? That is exactly what I taught during my Business Building Bootcamp on June 9th, 2016. For more information and to request access to the video replay click here.