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What's LOVE got to do with it?  

When you are building a business, LOVE is everything!

Before you think that I've been hanging out too much with life and relationship coaches, let me explain what I mean.

When I do strategy sessions with coaches at the beginning of their business, they are often frustrated that things aren't moving along faster.  The uncomfortable truth is that success in coaching (or any business with a heavy virtual component) is building up a devoted community of people who believe in you, and what you are teaching.   When the community reaches a certain size, a tipping point happens and then your business grows big fast.  It happened for me around the 2nd year of Decisive Minds.   In the 6 years, I've been coaching, I've noticed a very similar pattern for all of my clients.   If they work hard (and don't give up) for 18 months to a year, the community grows, and then the business takes off!

OK … so what is all this waxing poetic about LOVE, Michele?  LOVE is simple the four things you need to have in place for your community and business to grow.

Want to know the meaning of LOVE?

L – List  The money is in the list – still.  You can build a huge social community, have thousands of people downloading your podcasts and not make any money.  You won't make money until you have a sizable e-mail list.    E-mail is still the best way to reach masses of people.  Once they are on your list, you can reach them for free.   Want to know how to build your list quickly?  Join our Mardi Gras list building challenge where I show you, step by step, how to build a list.

O – Offer  In order to make money you need to be making offers.  The sooner you start asking for the sale the easier it will be.  You do not want to be one of those people who doesn't make sales because they give away too much for free.  That being said, you don't need a whole sales page and launch to make an offer.  Simply send an e-mail to your list and offer free “strategy sessions”, during the phone call, find out how you can help people.  Offer to solve their problem, name a price, send a paypal invoice.  Making offers is easy once you get used to it.  If you need help creating your offer, check out my Product Success Secrets class.

V- Value  One of the mistakes that beginning business owners make is focusing on the sale and not on providing a top-notch experience for their clients.  It is much easier to get an existing client to buy more from you than to find new clients.  Always provide value to your customers.

E – Expand  Once you find something that works, find a way to expand it.  Can you hire team members to help you with customer service or creating new programs?  Are there questions that your customers are asking that you can solve with a new product?  Even better, now that your customers have solved one problem – has their success created a new problem?  Create a new product to help them solve it!

Are you ready to start loving your business more?  The first step is list building.  Join us for the List Building Challenge and watch your business grow.