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Here is a guest post from Wendy Y Bailey about Group Coaching. I am going to be interviewing her today as part of my weekly Decisive Success Strategies series. You can register for today's free call on How to Create a Group Coaching Program Most Coaches Only Dream Of by cllcking here.

Coaches come to my program all the time thinking group coaching can't be so very different from a teleseminar or a mastermind group. Thankfully, they walk out of my program understanding the clear distinctions between group coaching and any other training vehicle.

Group coaching is engaging and highly interactive. The interaction you create is designed to generate depth and meaning to every group activity. Immersion is the key and genuine transformation is the goal!

Here are a few ideas to help you create a transformational group coaching experience:

  • Build rapport with your learners.
    Rapport is the key to EVERYTHING in your coaching not just in groups. This statement bears repeating: Rapport is the key to EVERYTHING in your coaching!! No kidding. It's just that important. Get to know, like and trust your learners to create an experience for in your group coaching programs where your learners know like and trust you, too! Invest your time creating a real bond with your group learners as the foundation for real transformation.
  • Tap into opportunities to be REALLY creative and engaging to create compelling content for your learners.
    Powerful questions, magical metaphors and lots of relevance to your ideal learners unique challenges are all very profound ways to make things happen. Get your learners thinking more deeply about what's really going on in their world so they can make lasting change. Build in opportunities to connect and dive deep rather than engaging in meaningless group exercises. Learn how to create masterful content: Masterful Content is relevant, attractive, compelling and engaging. That is all.
  • Challenge yourself to greater heights for the sake of the learners.
    The truth is: it all begins with you. Imagine you're in the eye of a tornado, building momentum and force with every action, response and reaction. In this case, the tornado is immensely transformational and because you're in the eye, you hold the key to the transformation. You have everything you need to create transformation right there inside you! How kewl is that?

These are simple ideas that will add so much value to your group coaching programs. When you're coaching, you want to take your group learners to great heights and depths, drawing from their inner strengths. Your group learners will keep coming back for more!!

What will you do to take your group learners to new spaces and places? Share your thoughts freely.

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Certified Group Coach

Wendy Y. Bailey is a Master Certified Group Coach, Certified Experienced Coach and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Affectionately called “WendyY” by her business associates, colleagues and friends, she's also the Creator and Founder of Group Coaching Mastery – Master Group Coaching with an NLP Twist. Sign-up for WendyY's free practice-building teleseminar for coaches.