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What are the big news sites and magazine sites for your industry? Where do your prospects get their news online? I work with entrepreneurs, so for me, it is sites like Entrepreneur.com and Forbes.com.

Recently, I was quoted in an article on Entrepreneur.com about millionaire entrepreneurs who sleep in. If you know me, then that will not surprise you because I am a night person not a morning person.  As a matter of fact, it is actually 1:30 AM right now and I am writing this blog.

Anyway, I decided to make this week's podcast about what we did to get me in that article.


You know what my secret is to getting on Entrepreneur.com? I don’t wait for them to find me. My team is constantly searching the web looking for opportunities to promote Decisive Minds online and on radio shows. We use a site called HelpAReporter.com to find freelance writers who are looking for quotes and research for articles they are writing.

Once you find a post that you could respond to, be sure to do it quickly. The deadlines for these submissions are always a short window. That’s how the Entrepreneur.com article came about. The writer put in a request at HelpAReporter.com.

Are you putting yourself out there or are you waiting for them to find you? I never wait! 🙂 Go to HelpAReporter.com now and see what you qualify for.