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There seems to be mass confusion when anyone starts to talk about an online conversion rate; most people don’t know what they should be expecting while others don’t even take the time to even check it out.

In today’s podcast, I am going to share several different online conversion rates. Check below the video for a time table of content.

At 2:23 – What opt-in rates should you expect for a webinar?

At 3:22 – What online conversion rate to expect for showing up on your webinar in person?

At 4:42 – What sales conversion rate can you expect from a webinar?

At 5:47 – What online conversion rate can you expect on an online sales page?

At 6:00 – What happens to conversion rates when you add a video to your sales page?

To get online conversions you must have 1 thing – a great opt-in page. Click here to find out more about the tool that we use at Decisive Minds to create our opt-in pages.