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Easy systems for teleseminar successFrustrating isn't it?

You are talking to an amazing potential client on the phone.  They seem very interested in what you have to offer.  As you talk, you realize that this is your ideal client.  You can really help make a difference in their life.  You are both excited about the possibilities.  And, then the discussion turns to price – and the stories begin.

It turns out the client is going through a rough patch in their business (that is why they are coming to you after all).  One of their children is starting college, their husband just got laid off or they are getting a divorce.  They want to work with you, but can't afford your price.  So, what's there to do?  You offer a discount on your services.  The potential client is happy – but you are making less money.  And, maybe, you start to feel that your prices are too high – that you aren't worth it?

What if you could get past “the story” and get your client to happily pay you what you are worth? How would that change your business? 

The secret is a simple three letter word.   The word is …

W H Y – yep, it's that simple.  Ask good questions and your client will see the value of working with you.  The key is to get deeper in your relationship with your prospect.  

One of the best ways to start a strategy session is to have the client rate themselves in the different areas of your signature system.   People who are coming to you for help will usually rate themselves low on the scale.  Take a low score, and ask them why they rated themselves low there?   When they answer… repeat what they've said back to them in their own words… then ask more questions.  Keep asking and repeating until you feel that you've gotten to the “real” issue.  (It may take a couple of rounds of getting deeper to get there).

At this point, use your expertise, to truly diagnose the problem.  It usually is not the thing that they rated low – but something earlier in the process.  Talk about that with them and how working with you will help them overcome the success block.

Since, even on that strategy call, you've started to get the client unstuck – they will be able to afford you.  If they are not, and they resist, make another appointment with them.   Most sales actually close on the second call – so don't be afraid to schedule a follow up time.

What are YOUR favorite questions to ask potential clients to get at the root of their need?  Post them in the comments and let's learn from each other.