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When you are focused in your business, things automatically become easier, you get stuck less often, you don’t have to push as hard to start making money.

A lot of people think that the “one thing” holding them back from their dream business is not having product or not having a fully developed brand…

I have to tell you… the real issue is…..

lack of FOCUS.

When I talk about focus, I mean the main place you put your attention.

Maybe you focus on talking to people (on the phone, through social media, on teleseminars) any way you can connect…

Maybe you like to focus on the technology, getting the perfect site with the plug ins that automate everything…

You could be obsessed with the numbers, the analytics, Google’s latest algorithm, the tracking…

While all of this is great… none of this is where you should be putting most of your effort in your business.

What should I focus on?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what the “money” activity is in online business, and I’ve come to the conclusion that above all, the single biggest focus you should have in your business is:

List Building

After all, your list is your single biggest asset that belongs to you (social media followers are great – but they haven’t really “opted-in” and come and go very quickly).

Your list is worth more than your website, more than your contacts, more than any marketing you could ever do. The size of your e-mail list is the biggest indicator of how much money you’ll be able to make in your business.  It is also the “golden key” that gives you access to relationships with other entrepreneurs who can really help you.

OK… now you are saying… that sounds great Michele but I have been trying to build my list for months and everyone on it is still related to me… (I feel your pain… I was there 2 years ago..)
The good news is that list building is really more mechanics than luck and I can show you step by step what you need to do to add 10, 20 or every 100 people to your list consistently each week.

I’m going to be covering this topic over the next four weeks in my 6 Figure Business Results Silver level program.  Aren’t you tired of worrying about list building?   For less than $100 you can find out how I added 6300 people to my list in the last 24 months.

Since this program is a month to month program you will then have the option to play with me for another month and I can tell you right now – you are going to love what I have planned for September.  I can’t tell you right now because there needs to be some mystery in our relationship but I promise it will be bigger and better than you can imagine.  LOL

I wanted to give you a heads up so you can sign up right now before the 1st list building video comes out.  Sign up here =>  http://takeactiongetprofits.com/sixfigurebusinessresults

Last month, I covered the numbers in your business, my coaching clients raved about how in depth the information I presented was… I plan on outdoing myself this month because this is such an important topic.

Will you come bulld your list with me?