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I originally wrote this post back in 2011.  Although the basics of getting started as a coach have stayed the same,  I decided it was time for an update!

In the past 6 years, I’ve experienced first hand the power of coaching to transform businesses and lives.  Since the beginning of my business, I have had coaches and mentors to guide me.  I provide this same service to my clients.  Yes, you can find a lot of the information a coach will share with you on Google.  But, nothing beats having one-on-one customization and accountability.  My clients succeed because I am there to hold their feet to the fire.   I help them stretch beyond their comfort zone and become successful.

The number one problem that stops people from offering coaching services, is the fear that they don’t know enough about business to coach.  The good news is, you can coach whatever you know!  Even if you are still at the beginning of the learning curve, you can coach people who are just getting started.  Whether you're a graphic designer, a web developer, an author, or an Internet marketer; you can offer coaching to others, teaching them to be successful doing exactly what you do.  In order to be a successful coach follow these steps:

  • Hone your craft — No matter what you are doing right now, learn all you can about it. Become the best at what you're doing, take classes, sign up for coaching, read books. To be an expert in your niche you must know all there is to know about your niche including the mistakes other people have made.
  • Become known — Before launching your coaching program, become someone who is known as an expert in your niche. Have webinars, radio shows, and a good mix of avenues to promote yourself. In addition, write articles and blog posts that demonstrate your expertise.  Also appear as a guest on other people's blogs, events, shows and webinars as “the” expert for your niche.
  • Write a book — Don't panic! If you've been writing for your blog, you have most likely already written a book. You simply need to compile it, add some content to make it flow, get a cover designed, hire an editor,  and then you will have a book.  Self-publishing and selling your ebook through Amazon.com’s Kindle Store is a quick and easy process. You can even print up a few copies using Create Space.
  • Take it offline — You can't overlook offline activities if you want to earn the big money as a coach in your niche. Send out offline press releases and appear on talk shows to promote your book and services. Have an in-person book signing event. Additionally, write articles for offline magazines and newspapers. (Bonus tip: You can repurpose chapters and subchapters from your book) Believe it or not, many offline publications are desperate for content. At first offer your material for free, but as you get more established and better known, you can make money from your content.  Read my blog post about promoting your online business offline here. (NOTE: this post isn’t published yet – but will be by the time this is published.
  • Multiple offers — Create multiple types of coaching at various levels of cost. For instance, create an email coaching program, a group coaching program, a membership site, an inner circle, as well as a very special one-on-one coaching program. Except for the one-on-one coaching, everything else can be automated and will require very little work for you once the initial creation process is completed.

Those are the basics.  As you get more clients, you can raise your rates or add different options that allow you to help more people at once.  What kinds of coaching programs could you offer in your business?