Quantum Pixel Tag

By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

How do you get massive visibility on Facebook without spending 24 hours a day there?  Is that visibility worth anything if you can't turn it into profits?  Can you have both visibility and profits?

First things first, let's talk about visibility.  Do you ever wonder how you can get more people to notice your fan page?  Have you already asked all of your personal friends to like your page and you just don't know where to turn next?

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Facebook Profits

Is Mark Zuckerberg the only person profiting from Facebook?  Thank goodness I can say – Absolutely Not.  But it is a safe bet to say that the majority of Facebook users are not profiting.  Why is that?

I think it is because they don't truly understand the function of social networking.  I have said it before and I will say it again – the majority of people are not on Facebook to spend money.  They are there to build relationships.  People want to know about other people.  Thus the change in format of the personal profile page layouts today.

They are also starting to use Facebook as a search tool.  A few months ago Facebook actually had more traffic than Google.  So how do you profit from Facebook?

There are many ways but imagine this.  Someone starts to notice you on Facebook, they see their friends and colleagues interacting with you, they are paying attention and you are providing valuable information.  After a while they start to feel like they know you as a person and they can trust you.  They opt-in to your list and take advantage of your free information.  Then they purchase your low-cost, no-barrier to entry product to “try you out”.  From there, if your product is good, they start to move their way up your funnel of fabulous products and services.

Notice something – the profit didn't directly happen on Facebook but does Facebook get the credit.  Absolutely!

Now your probably thinking two things – how do I get them to pay attention to me in the first place and what is my low-cost, no-barrier to entry product?  Well you are in luck because I have a low-cost, no-barrier to entry product that will help you figure that out.  LOL

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