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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

If you have been working online for a while you probably know about PLR. It is when you purchase pre-written material that you can put your own name on and publish. You can use this information as blog posts, you can create e-books and in some instances you can use it to create information products that you can sell.

I think that to accomplish great things we have to be able to let certain things go in our life. For me, letting go of the bulk of the writing is not a problem. Every time I say that and someone looks at me like I am crazy I always say the same thing “Do you think Donald Trump writes his own books?”

Here is a great video from Nicole Dean of Easyplr.com. I hope she can help calm your nerves about using plr.

I have purchased lots of plr for use in my business and Nicole is one of my favorite providers. If you could have someone writing articles for you and then all you had to do was add some comments, add a story or two or make slight adjustments wouldn't that make sense to you. As Nicole says we should look at plr articles as the drafts for our information.