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Another important layer of Marketing is Networking so I asked networking expert, Tonya Hoffman, CEO & Founder of Organization of Power Partners and author of soon-to-be released A Client A Day The Coffee Shop Way to speak about networking. Here are some of her great insights to networking:

  • Who is Your Ideal Client? – Who is it that you really want to serve?  You can serve everyone – by focusing you spend less time on people who aren't a good fit
  • Realize that people have different buying patterns Some people will buy right away while others need time to research and think.  Most people fall between these two extremes.
  • What do you have to offer each type of client? Make sure you are prepared for those who want to buy right away. Yet, also have more information for people who like to research.
  • Stop trying to make things perfect.  It is far better to get out there and take action than to spend a lot of time getting everything right.
  • Always increase your skillset – What are things you need to improve on for networking?
  • See an opportunity and act now!  Some of the best opportunities I've had some from overhearing someone who needs what I offer.
  • Find out where your clients hang out and go hang there too!
  • Start a conversation 
  • Make an appointment or say goodbye. It’s not always a fit and that’s okay!
    If they make an appointment, make it exciting, not sales. Make them feel special as if you are giving them a gift!

An important thing to remember in marketing – when clients see how they can do something or how they can change something, you have their attention.

What are your favorite networking strategies?