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Today's guest post is from Sue Kasson.  Sue is an expert in helping entrepreneurs overcome their fear of sales to fill their practices with ideal clients…

Have you seen those private groups on Facebook and LinkedIn? If you have been around Michele for any length of time, I’m sure you are a part of at least one!
I take part in 6 private groups on Facebook and 3 private groups on LinkedIn. Why do I spend time each day reading and connecting in these groups

Because they are where my ideal clients hang out. They are my ‘watering holes’.
I was recently at Busch Gardens in Tampa. The most popular section of the park is the Serengeti Plain. You see hundreds of fascinating and exotic animals as you ride around on a slow-moving monorail. My particular favorites are the giraffes. They are so graceful with those long necks! As the monorail dipped lower in order to get us closer to them, we could see a large pond. As the tour guide said “I guess it’s networking time at the watering hole”, just then we could see a dozen giraffes heading towards the pond. And, as my mind has been known to do, it flashed back to selling and marketing. (I have one of those kinds of minds!)

Those private groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are our ‘watering holes’. It’s where we network with people that are like us. Similar to the giraffes, we like to hang out with people we know and like. How can you best use your time at your local ‘watering hole’?

Be a Resource

When someone in your group is confused or needs some help, join in the discussion and give your point of view. People in the group will then see you as a resource and will start to connect to you more often.
Share Generously

The most important way that I have found to connect with the people that are in my groups is to share someone else’s post or to reTweet their idea. By sharing and giving, instead of talking about yourself all the time, you look like the generous giver that you are!

Answer Questions

When someone asks a question, give your professional opinion. By sharing your knowledge, you are a being a resource as well as being generous. Pretty soon, the others in your group will respect you and want to know more from you. Before you know it, they will be jumping over to your website to see what else you wrote and to see what you are all about. Then you will have the chance to wow them with your expertise.

So take some time each day to be a resource on social media groups by answering questions and sharing posts and Tweets. You’ll be getting your people interested in your message and making your marketing easier.

And, once you have done this marketing in your private groups, if you’d like to know more about having relaxed and confident client enrollment conversations, hop on over to my watering hole at Zero Stress Selling today.


Sue Kasson has coached and trained hundreds of people over the last 11 years in how to get more clients and sell more of their products and services. Pick up your copy of her free report, “The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Trying to Enroll Clients….and How You Can Avoid Them” at www.ZeroStressSelling.com.