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A long time ago I stopped wasting time being overwhelmed by all of the different advertising and marketing opportunities. Instead I invested my time in developing 2 strategies to guide my marketing choices, they’re so simple and effective I just had to share them with you!

Strategy #1-Ask yourself these questions

1) Will it provide exposure to my ideal clients?

2) Will it help me achieve my marketing goals?

3) Is it worth the dollars I am investing?

If you can answer “Yes” to all three questions, and you have the marketing budget available, then go for it!!!

If your answer is “No” to the first two questions, you need to walk run away, from that particular marketing opportunity.

But having gone over these questions more than a few times with my clients, I’ve found that most people have a combination of answers. In a recent coaching session, a client answered “Yes” to the first 2 questions, but “No” to the third. Did I tell her to walk away from the deal? No! This was a profitable marketing opportunity which would put her in front of her ideal clients and accomplish her marketing goals; the problem was the price. I encouraged her to go back and negotiate for a lower price. If you are spending your marketing dollars on a strategy that is not putting you in front your clients, helping you achieve your goals, or sucking your business dry; you are wasting money on marketing!

Strategy #2 Client Mapping

Not only do I want you to find your ideal clients, I also want you to keep them and find more just like them! So how do you do that? Through a system I developed called, Client Mapping.  With Client Mapping you start by gathering a list of all your current clients (you should be keeping a list). Who were your clients during the last 12 months? How much money did they spend? Where did they come from? Now I know it may take some digging to find out where all your clients came from, but DON’T skip this step; it provides very valuable information. Your map may look something like this:


Now I want you to go through and eliminate the people on your list who weren’t your ideal client. Sometimes people have a hard time with this step, but again, it’s necessary. You don’t want to be stuck working with people who rub you the wrong way; let’s be real, if you want that you can go back to your J-O-B!  Now your list looks a little something like this:


Client Mapping leads you straight to the source of your ideal client. You can easily see which marketing strategies are working and continue to grow and nurture those. You can also see which one’s aren’t profitable and stop wasting time investing in them. In the example above you would definitely want to reinvest in another sponsorship with Krystal, Do you see how important it is to know where your customers are coming from? You can stop wasting time on marketing by following this map directly to your ideal client and the strategies that are actually working in your business. Client Mapping is a powerful strategy; let me know how it works for you!

Want to get clear on how you can market your business? That is exactly what I taught during my Business Building Bootcamp on June 9th, 2016. For more information and to request access to the video replay click here.