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The Thanksgiving leftovers are eaten, the stores are playing Christmas carols… My Christmas village is set up on my dining room table.

Time to kick back, enjoy the egg nog and start planning for 2014, right?   Nope.

There is still a month left in 2013 – don't quit before it's over.

Last year, one of my private clients made $25,000 in the month of December.  Wouldn't that be an amazing start to the New Year? Would you like an end of year windfall?

Put on some nice music, light a fire in the fireplace, grab your warm holiday beverage of choice and let's get to work!

Here are some of my best tips for making more money in 2013 (rather than quitting and putting all of your effort into next year!).

1. Set your cash flow intentions for December.  What amount of money can you realistically make?  How about adding 30% to that number? Still feel possible?  OK then.  that's your new number. 🙂

2. Now that you what your intention is – think about what needs to happen for you to get there. How many sales do you need to make?  Can you make your clients an end of year offer they can't refuse?

3.  How many people do you need to talk to to make those sales?  As much as many of use became online marketers not to have to talk to people – I guarantee that is is really hard to make the big money sales without having a conversation first.

4. Open your calendar, pick up the phone, dust off the rolodex and start calling people.  Are there people who have been active on your list, opening your e-mails.  Send them a special invitation for a strategy session with you.

5. Don't forget the week between Christmas and New Year's.  Don't give up until the year is truly over.  The week between Christmas and New Year's is a dead week – people are already into next year – but often they are at home by their computers.  If you have a program that starts early January, now is the time to start promoting it.

See… easy.  Take a little bit of time now and start 2014 with the momentum from an amazing last quarter of 2013.

CHALLENGE:  Write what you are going to do to make more money in 2013 in the comments.  Maybe we can help each other.