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owning__marketing_small_business_bloody_hard_workAre you doing everything you can do to make your business successful?  Getting in front of your audience both through social media and networking, offering products, creating content – and still, you aren't where you need to be.  As much as I would like to just give you a hug and say that everything is gonna be fine – I can't.

Business is hard… and most people fail.  That's the honest truth.

If it were easy to build a successful business everyone would be doing it. I have spent a lifetime studying successful businesses and successful entrepreneurs and I have noticed that they all have a few things in common.

1. They are committed to the process of building a business. They understand that not everything they do is going to work so they have to try more things so that the odds work out in their favor.

2. They do their homework. They don’t always fly by the seat of their pants. They make plans, develop strategies and understand that it takes time to make things work.  They take the time and invest the money to learn from others by networking, attending events, taking classes.

3. They are consistent in their efforts. They do not just tell a few people about their new product or service, get a few negative responses and give up. They are consistent in their marketing and sales efforts. They implement what they learn.

4. They are persistent. Even when it feels like no one is paying attention they are still marching forward. They understand that the forward momentum creates the attention.

5. They play well with others.  The popular picture of an entrepreneur is the lone wolf standing at the top of the pyramid of success – but really nobody can do anything significant totally on their own.  Successful entrepreneurs find a way to connect with and spend time with other entrepreneurs – an easy way to do this is through attending conferences (like my upcoming Take Action Get Profits event in Houston).

Here is the million dollar question:
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful business?

Are you willing to talk to people you don’t want to talk to, work the hours that are required, develop a success strategy, spend money to make money and do what successful business owners do?

Let me know in the comments – let's help each other.