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digital product,non techieI am definitely a non-techie! I know just enough about building websites and other techie things to be dangerous. So when it came to creating digital products, I started looking for hacks to make life easier for the non-techie.

Digital Product Hack #1 – Creating the Sales Page

The sales page is actually the point that stops 80% of people who think they want to sell products online. Writing a sales page can be daunting. In 2010 I had a coach that told me to “borrow what he was doing” and modify it to fit my needs. That made it so easy for me. So here you go – I have several sales pages that work great and I give you permission to duplicate and modify the wording for your own sales page.




No more excuses about not being able to write a sales page.

Digital Product Hack #2 – Getting Paid

When I started Decisive Minds there was one option for getting paid online. You had to have a merchant account and they weren’t that easy to qualify for.  They had some really strict rules and if they didn’t like something you did they would keep your money for up to 6 months to make sure you weren’t doing anything wrong. I know this first hand because in 2013 my business was growing quickly and I had some big charges come through after an event. My merchant account decided I was a risk and kept my money. I was finally able to get them to give me 90% of it and they held the other 10% for 6 months.

The hack for getting paid these days – PayPal, Stripe, WePay, Square or any of the many others. Now within minutes you can set up an account on any of these programs and start collecting payments on your sales pages immediately.  

Digital Product Hack #3 – Creating the Product

Have you seen those super fancy information products that have 6 modules full of videos, PDF’s and spreadsheets? That’s awesome but we don’t have to start that way. I didn’t start that way. My first information product was a 1 hour recording of a teleclass I taught (audio only) and then I had that audio transcribed and saved it as a PDF that I called a workbook. I sold those 2 for $27 and made a bunch of money over the 3 years I sold it.

When it was time to expand on that idea and have several modules, I took the same process and just expanded it. If you wanted to have a 4 module training program you could simply teach 4 one hour webinars (with PowerPoint) or 4 one hour teleseminars (audio only). Have each call transcribed and now you have a 4 module program to sell. Don’t over think this.

You don’t have to have some expensive platform to deliver it on either. My first couple of products were delivered on a password protected web page on my main sales page. I put all the videos and all the PDF’s on that single page.

Digital Product Hack #4 – Non-Edit

Another big issue that stops people from getting their digital products created is the need to be perfect. Perfectionism can be the death of an entrepreneur. Here are the facts- it will never be perfect and people who expect your stuff to be perfect are probably not your ideal client. When I teach a class and record it as part of a digital product, I don’t edit the content part of it at all. I’m not worried about that. And when someone feels like they need to tell me I screwed something up, I have one thought “how much money have you made from your digital products?” because I can promise you that they are not successfully selling online programs. If they were, they wouldn’t have time to tell me what was wrong with mine. LOL So stop letting the perfectionism stop you from moving forward.

I hope these hacks make it easier for you to create your own digital products. The next issue is how you sell them. I recorded a class called “How I Made $100K Selling Info Products” Click here to watch it now!