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Are you doing everything yourself?I have a client named Peggy.  She had a morning routine that included cleaning the house, working out and quiet reflective time before she started her work day.  Peggy was driving herself crazy because she never got started before 10 am but always intended to start working much earlier in the day.  The end result was she worked far past her desired workday and felt constantly pulled in 50 different directions at any given time.

How many of you can relate to this?  When you started your business, did you dream of freedom?   Did you imagine having all the time in the world to spend with your family and friends?

Is the reality different from what you expected?  Most business owners have a tough time moving from employee to entrepreneur.

Making that step comes from understanding what you do best and focusing on doing just that.  And then, DELEGATING the rest.  There it is that nasty 8 letter word – delegate.

I would like to say I am a master delegater – I am really good at it.   I am also a recovering control freak so while I do delegate, I sometimes end up double checking when I don’t need to.

So here is my question for you – how much can YOU really get done?  We set unrealistic expectations and then get irritated because we don’t get everything done.

Peggy was driving herself crazy because she never got out her workday started before 10am.  Well, how could she – her morning routine just took that long?  Her expectations simply didn't match her reality.

In business it’s the same thing – we need a website, we need to write our free report, we need to create and implement a marketing plan.  We need to figure out what it is we are even doing.

We have to learn to delegate – and even more than that we have to step up to the plate and realize that starting and running a business costs money – and delegation is a business expense that is necessary for massive action and implementation.

So…. if you:

• Need help with strategy and accountability – hire a business coach

• Need help with your website, autoresponders, and customer service –hire a virtual assistant

And, the list goes on and on – bookkeepers, housekeepers, social media managers…

The way I look at it, you should be focused on just three things in your business:

• Developing plans/strategies

• Income Producing Activities – sales, networking, speaking

• Working with clients.

Those are my strengths (and probably yours too) – not fiddling with your website or  creating an opt in page for your next call.

And, if you are working on all the “doing” that need to be done – you are not going to have time to do your most important work during the work day.

You need to work from your strengths.  But, that still doesn’t give you permission to spend all day redesigning your site if your strength happens to be web design.  You still need to prioritize working with clients and creating strategies to build your business.

Now, get delegating…