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You all know I talk to entrepreneurs every single day and part of my mission is helping women entrepreneurs build the business they dream of.  Well today, I want to present you with an idea.

Declare Your Independence!

As an entrepreneur, you have the option to build the business as you desire.  You also have the option to build the LIFE you want.  It is so easy to let your business take over your life when in fact it should be supporting your life.  The goal is to create a business that let’s you have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Sit down with your computer, tablet, or even just paper and pen.

  • Write down the top 3 ways your business can support your life.
  • Write down the top 3 ways your business is NOT supporting your life.

(This should be done relatively quickly so you don’t over-analyze things to death)

Now, think about the ways your business is NOT supporting your life and brainstorm some ideas on how to fix that.  Here’s some suggestions from the common issues my clients bring me:

  • I’m too busy to develop my business: consider what can be delegated to team members to free up some of your time for income generating activities.
  • I can’t do everything myself: Don’t have a team already? Consider what parts of your business should be handled by someone else.  Remember, you don’t have to be an expert in everything and you should use the expertise of others to benefit your business.
  • I started this business to have more flexibility and I don’t have that: Look at how you’re scheduling your time.  Are you actually making your schedule work FOR you and not against you?  The solution isn’t the same for everyone, but maybe you need to have set days for calls/client work and set days for business development.

So, the goal of this exercise is to take some time and really think about the business you’re building.  It is so easy to fall into the trap of putting out fires and focusing only on what has to get done today.  But, if you want to build the life you dream of, you have to move beyond today and start intentionally organizing your business to suit that life.  This isn’t to say it won’t still be hard work, but at least then it will be hard work for the life you want.

Be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page with your strategies for having the life you dreamed of when you started this business.