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Lynn-Ruby1Today's Post is from Lynn Ruby. Lynn is a leading authority on marketing and video marketing in particular, and the founder of RubyMarketingSystems.com. After 25+ years in the trenches leading the marketing efforts for the corporate world, Lynn now brings the power of online marketing expertise to business owners. She works with entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do and yet are sometimes confused, intimidated or downright skeptical of all the hype about online marketing.Lynn is an expert at easily explaining complicated technical and marketing strategies and systems in everyday, ordinary language so that business owners can make intelligent decisions about what to implement for their business. If you want someone you can trust to lay it on the line for you regarding online marketing – and video marketing in particular – Lynn Ruby is the person.

How to Create Video on the Fly!

You’re at an event. Or in your office. Or at a meeting.

And someone – video camera in hand – says, “I’d like to know what you think about X.”

They sling the camera up to their shoulder, push the button and you’re caught like a deer in headlights!

Here are 5 things you can do in that moment to be as polished and articulate as possible:

woman with video camera#1 – May I Have a Moment Please?

With a big smile say, “I’d love to talk about that! Can you give me just a moment please?”

Then, whip out a mirror and

  • Check out your face and blot any shine, re-apply powder, lipstick etc. Check your teeth. (This applies to you men too!)
  • Pull as much of your hair to the front of your face as possible. (The back of your head doesn’t matter.)
  • Put as much color as close to your face as possible. Adjust your scarf, pull your collar closer to your face, borrow a friend’s jacket.
  • Remove your glasses so you don’t create any unnecessary glare.

#2 – Two Questions

While you’re doing this, ask the camera operator two questions:

  • Please tell me more about the topic or question.
  • Who is the intended audience for this video?

#3 – Mentally Construct an Opening, Middle and Closing

As you continue to prep in the mirror, mentally script an opening, no more than 3 points for the middle, and a closing.

Make it simple! The opening should be something that interests the intended audience. A story, a quote, an amazing fact. It should NOT be about you.

A maximum of 3 points to support your opening.

A closing which reinforces your main point and asks the audience to take action on what you’ve said.

#4 – Talk to Your Best Friend

Once the camera is turned on, keep your eyes focused on the camera lens and smile! (We often think we’re smiling when we’re really not!)

Imagine the camera lens as the face of your best friend. Talk to him or her the way you naturally talk. No need to be stiff or formal. Make mistakes. Say um and ah. Laugh! Use your hands. Say “you” a lot more than you say “I”.

#5 – Remember This . . .

And finally, always keep in mind that YOU will be your harshest – and sometimes only – critic.

People don’t pay as much attention to us as we think they do! They’re all just as focused on themselves as we are!

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