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Find Better ClientsHow many times do you have a sales conversation with someone and quickly realize that you are not talking to your ideal client? You know who I’m talking about, those people who are never going to hire you, or are argumentative, or constantly disagreeing with you about what you are trying to teach them. What if you could create an application process that would help you weed out the “tire kickers” and help you find better clients?

Pro tip: The ability to pay is not a good indicator of success. Many people have (and spend) lots of money on training without ever doing the work required to get a business off the ground.

Design Your Application Process to Find Better Clients

The easiest way to avoid prospects or clients who aren’t a good fit is to require an application before speaking to them or working with them. This can be as simple as a PDF or email questionnaire with just a few questions, or you can go with a more in depth approach. Click here to see an example of the assessment I use in my business.

As you can see, I ask 4 questions in 5 areas of your business. You don’t have to do 5 areas, you could do 3. So think about what your clients are looking for and ask questions about that.

Let’s say for example you are a coach who focuses on parent child relationships. You could have a section about their daily interactions with questions like “Does your child respond negatively when being questioned?”  

These types of questions will give you a feel for the applicant, and allow you to know ahead of time if they’ll be a good fit. It also gives you a direction of the conversation to have on a sales call with them.

We have been talking a lot about VIP days and clients in previous blog posts. Check out “VIP Days: More Money, Get Results, Work Less”and “How to do VIP Days with Your Clients”.

VIP days are far more intimate than a monthly coaching program, so you want to be sure all applicants are a good fit.

Ready to make money with your own VIP days?

Great. The next question is how do you attract the right people who are willing to pay you $5000 or $10000 for a single days work? Maybe you are wondering how much you should be charging for your VIP days.

You are in luck! In my “VIP Days Mastered: How to Earn a Month's Income in 1 Daywebinar I am going to show you how to know what to charge and how to attract the perfect clients for VIP Days.

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