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This is the first post in an occasional series of success stories from coaches who have grown their businesses, profits, and the number of clients’ lives they change through the Decisive Minds Method.  Valorie Hubbard’s company,  Actor’s Fast Track, helps actors see their careers as a business.  She has been a Decisive Minds client for the past two years.

Actor’s Fast Track  is working actress Valorie Hubbard's creation. Valorie started acting at the age of 3 when she dramatically threw herself down a staircase. After her mother discovered she was still alive, she enrolled her in a creative drama class and she’s been acting ever since.

Valorie has been a professional working actress for the past 30 years.  Her professional longevity is due to the fact that she knows how to treat acting as a business.  In her long career, she saw many very talented actors, not make it because they didn’t have someone to show them how to manage their acting careers.

Valorie thought this was a waste of talent when she knew that it was possible to have a long and profitable career as an actor.  She started  Actor’s Fast Track, to help working actors with their career paths. Over the past two years, her business has grown from $7,000 a month in revenue to $22-$36,000 and heading toward $60,000 a month.  

This is the story of how Valorie put her own business on the Fast Track by using Michele Scism’s Decisive Minds Method.

Year 1 – Learn How to Sell

Prior to signing up to work with Michele and learning the Decisive Minds Method, Valorie was helping actors, but wasn’t making much money because she didn’t feel comfortable selling.

Valorie’s first task was to learn how to ask for the sale.

Here’s how Valorie describes what she learned during her first few months using Michele Scism’s Decisive Minds method in 2014,

Michele Scism taught me how to sell/close, plain and simple. 2 months after hiring Michele I hosted a 1 day event. At that same event the year before, I had closed less than $1,000 dollars. With Michele's help on my close and logistics I closed $40K WOW!!!! I cannot believe I am saying this, but I LOVE SALES calls now and I am really good at SELLING!!!”

Year 2 – Learn How To Scale

Valorie continued, with Michele’s help, to make decisions around the Decisive Minds business model.  She also continued to refine her closing skills and soon was at the six-figure revenue level in her business.

At this point, it was time to talk about how to grow Actor’s Fast Track so that it could continue to grow and exist without Valorie.  This is called building a Legacy Business.  Consciously planning for large growth and the founder’s eventual exit, allows a business to grow bigger, faster.

Here is what Valorie had to say in 2015,

“This year I became a 6 figure business owner and started the conversation about how to turn my business into a LEGACY business. Actor's Fast Track is my company and we are changing the world one actor at a time. Michele has helped me to build my business smartly and with a keen eye to the future.”

Building Community

Once Valorie had an event formula that worked, the next step was to start rapidly building her community.  She worked with Michele on a strategy that included quarterly challenges to her community.

Here was Valorie’s report 5 days into her first challenge:

“The challenge was to get booked on a TV pilot. So far SO GOOD In 5 days I have increased my list by 300 and my social media is blowing up!!!”

The true goal of building community is to reach more people and change lives.  It is very gratifying to see that the work you are doing is making a difference.  This year Valorie held her first 3-day event. Here is what happened,

“I named my first 3-day event The Actor's Fast Track Gamechanger EVENT and I knew I was changing lives when this young 21-year-old girl jumped on the stage and told me WOW this was a GAMECHANGER for sure. I have watched my clients book HUGE roles on TV and FILM and break all the rules!! We are changing the way actors do business for sure. “

Through hard work and following the Decisive Minds Method, Valorie has created a business that makes money and changes lives.

Here are Valorie’s final tips for creating a successful coaching business.

  1. WRITE DOWN all thoughts or questions somewhere. 
  2. Know how much money you have coming in and how much money you’ve got going out ALL OF THE TIME. 
  3. SELL SELL SELL at least 5 a week EASY!!! Remember selling is serving. 
  4. HAVE systems ORGANIZATION and a  PLAN 

Would you like to create this kind of phenomenal success in YOUR coaching business?

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