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Screenshot 2014-07-30 07.47.59 One of my clients, Belanie Dishong (LiveAtChoice.com), teaches people how to have amazing relationships whether that is with other people, your career or your money. One of the things she teaches is that we are 100% responsible for everything that shows up in our lives. We choose it based on our words. I have heard her talk often about imagining a shelf with everything on it. It has new clients next to no clients, it has “I’ll always be broke” next to “I have abundant financial success”, and it has “This is too hard” next to “Money flows easily”. The trick is to choose wisely.

You must start paying close attention to what you say and what you think because that is what you are getting. The great news is that you have the ability to turn that around. Stop right now! Listen to what you are saying and thinking. Do this for a day, a week, a month and you will start to see the patterns and what I can promise you is that you are getting what you ask for.

I doubt this is a new theory for you. You have no doubt heard that all you have to do is ask for what you want, believe that you can have it and then be open to receive it. If you ever watched or read “The Secret” this is the theory that movie is based upon. The problem with that is that when it doesn’t happen fast enough most people revert to their old ways. What is missing is the action.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I can tell you that there are three things that stand between you and what you want. You’re afraid, you’re cheap and you’re lazy. Each one of these has a direct connection to the missing actions that are keeping you broke.

Are you ready to do the work?

I'll be showing you the steps in this blog over the next few weeks. Want a short cut? I have two Make More Money Tour stops left where I give you a step by step blueprint for getting over broke and finding the success you deserve.