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Today's guest post is from branding expert Jena Rodriguez.  Jena is hosting a virtual day to help you get a solid start on your branding at an affordable price – learn more at  www.brandwithjena.com/VIP

Today, let’s simplify branding for a moment…what 5 steps must you take build your business brand for profitability? Well here they are….

1. Discover It – Having a conversation with your business coach, your business partners, your employer, etc about why you do what you do, what the overall purpose and mission is of the business, defining your brand reputation (what you want to be known for), and learning to tell your STORY (what your experience is and how you got to where you are) is the first step to revealing your true brand.

2. Define It – Next step is to get clear on your niche, your target market, how you benefit your niche (what results you create for them), and define the HOW – how will you do what you do for your clients.

3. BE Your Brand – BEING your brand is about connecting to it both on the outside and on the inside (Have you checked your wardrobe lately? Does it represent your experience, your brand, and YOU being the best you can be? Are you in a positive mindset about your business or is negativity taking over?) Here, you also want to monitor your thoughts and actions that are leading to the results that you may NOT want, such as slow sales, unhappy clients, undesirable clients, etc. When you take 100% responsibility for the results that are showing up, then change your beliefs, thoughts, and actions/reactions, new results will show up. TRY IT!

4. Deliver It – Influence likability, trust and confidence in your customers and prospects by delivering a consistent look and feel and brand message through all your brand touch points, such as your business card, your website, your facebook fan page, your marketing materials. The more they see a professional representation of your brand, the more likely they will say yes.

5. Promote It – Now create valuable content regularly in your email marketing, your social media posts, your blog,  your phone conversations, your NETWORKING. Have conversations and build relationships with your customers, prospects and referral partners by being clear in what you do, how you DIFFER from the next guy and what a great referral is for you.

Stay tuned for more inspired action ideas. If you want to connect with me, visit my website www.brandwithjena.com my facebook at www.facebook.com/jenalrodriguez or twitter at: www.twitter.com/jenarodriguez.