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Do you have lofty goals?  Then you should be aware of the goal busters that surround you.

Goal busters can be anything from a deceptively friendly acquaintance (who really doesn’t want you to succeed) to even an inanimate object.  Consider a few examples of persons, places, and things that seem to carry negative energy—which is lethal to a person trying to make a change in life!

1. Unsupportive Friends

It’s one thing for a friend to be critical of your efforts.  You can have a nice heart-to-heart with such a person and tell them to knock it off.  However, friends that are “lukewarm”, meaning they have no strong opinion in support or in criticism of your efforts, can be the most damaging types of friends.

Why keep up a new mission in life if no one around you seems to care?  Limit your association with these friends and instead find a group that provides moral support.

2. Objects of the Past

Keeping objects around the house that have special significance can be counterproductive to creating a new you.  This is why some individuals find it practical to remove old photos or memorabilia of an ex-lover from their house.

Dwelling on past memories will only slow you down and cause you to look back.  To accelerate your progress, remove such inanimate objects, as they are a tremendous source of negative energy.  If you don’t want to lose these things then leave them at a friend’s house or stuff them in a closet somewhere that’s hard to access.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Your dream may be something very different from another person’s dream.  It’s not wise to compare yourself to friends, co-workers or famous people.  Do not determine that unless you can defeat your contemporary, or reach greater heights than everyone else, that the goal is not worth accomplishing.  You are not interested in leaving a legacy behind.  (That sort of thing is unpredictable)  You are interested in improving yourself as a person and finding happiness.